The PNL Recruitment Delivery Process

When you work with PNL Recruitment, you are gaining a competitive edge – a true strategic partner who “gets” it. We pride ourselves on working with some of the most talented finance and accounting professionals.

To help understand your organization and its needs, our recruiting team will partner with you to follow our 14-step delivery process.

Step 1: Understand you.

Many employers forget that the hiring process is a two-way street — as much as employers want to know that candidates meet their needs, candidates are also ensuring there is a fit with their needs. Since we will likely be the first point of contact with your potential hire, and therefore your “brand” ambassador, we feel it is of utmost importance that we go to market with a compelling value proposition that resonates with your potential hires.

Most recruitment firms rush to commence a search and fill the opening – PNL Recruitment will not go to market without first meeting you in person to understand your organizational structure, corporate culture and environment, competition, key stakeholders, growth opportunities, corporate values and mission of your organization. Using this information, we will work with you to develop a communication strategy unique to your organization that will help attract and deliver qualified candidates who are right for you.

Step 2: Define mandatory requirements for the search.

Candidates are attracted to organizations that know what they are looking for and can provide that in writing at the onset of the hiring process. As such, our team will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive job description that includes: job requirements, job responsibilities, compensation and benefit package, vacation details, and more, so that we can provide this information to qualified candidates at the onset of the process.

Step 3: Engage our experienced recruiters.

The recruiting team will be given clear and concise objectives for the desired outcome we are trying to achieve. We will develop a timeline that will be discussed and approved by you at the commencement of the process.

Step 4: Map out our search strategy.

90% of qualified candidates are not “active” job seekers; they are passive candidates who need to be approached with the right opportunity.  Most staffing firms will take your opportunity and post it on a job board…and they’ll only reach that 10% of active candidates. PNL Recruitment will compile a list of proactive sources, and we’ll recruit those candidates who are not active on the open job market.  These sources include, but are not limited to: networking associations, leveraging our existing client and candidate network, direct head-hunting calls, social media and other traditional and non-traditional methods.

Step 5: Identify and pre-screen potential candidates.

There is no doubt that social media and other technology tools are making it easier to identify potential candidates. One of the primary challenges for organizations looking to hire is finding candidates who are invested, dedicated, and who will make a positive impact on your organization.  Our recruiting team will take your client message to the market and reach out to identified potential candidates, and we’ll only move forward the “best of the bunch”- those candidates who are motivated for the right reasons to explore an opportunity with your organization.

Step 6: Interview prospective candidates.

Unfortunately, many recruitment firms (and employers for that matter) don’t really interview candidates, they just confirm items that are listed on a candidate’s resume. We focus on using a behavioral-based interview approach to assess technical and soft skills, and our questions tie back to client requirements and expectations.

Step 7: Supervisory reference checks are completed.

Many firms outsource reference checks to a third party once a successful candidate has been identified.  At PNL Recruitment, where possible, we personally call all references prior to the end of the process, and share all the information with you so you have another dimension of the candidate’s profile.

Step 8:  Send a short list to our client.

Once we’ve compiled our own data from the above steps, we will present you with a short list of top candidates, all suited to make an impact on your organization.  We understand that you are not paying us to simply “fling” in resumes and let you figure out why a candidate is a fit. We are your consultant, and it is our responsibility.  To accomplish this, we provide a summary of all shortlisted candidates with each resume. We include pros and cons for each candidate, plus a side-by-side comparison and ranking.

Step 9: Coordinate the interviews.

PNL Recruitment will manage the entire interview process for candidates chosen to interview at your business, including briefings with candidates and clients.  We are in continuous contact with each candidate throughout each stage of the interview process to ensure we have up-to-date information on each candidate’s level of interest, salary expectations and other issues, so you are not wasting your time moving forward with a candidate who ultimately won’t take the job.

Step 10: Provide guidance for final candidate selection.

We will work with you to select a finalist and provide concrete recommendations based on facts.

Step 11: Present an offer to the final candidate.

We feel this part of the process is mishandled by many recruitment firms. Offers are often turned down because they are not presented well or they do not meet the candidate’s expectations. Unfortunately, many times employers don’t get a chance to revise the offer as the candidate is turned off at that stage. 

PNL Recruitment will work with you to present what we feel is a “winning” offer — which doesn’t just mean the highest salary.  We will work with you to present a complete offer that includes the compensation package, benefit details, reporting structure, vacation details, growth opportunities, job requirements and expectations, plus any other information that is relevant to closing that candidate.

Step 12: Facilitate any negotiation between candidate and client.

As much as presenting a good and complete offer is very important, sometimes there is some back and forth. Our team will work closely with both the client and candidate to ensure a positive outcome for all sides.

Step 13:  Obtain a signed offer letter.

Congratulations, you have chosen a candidate, and have received verbal confirmation that the candidate would like to join your team. But the candidate did not sign and return a formal offer letter…and now they’ve decided to go elsewhere.

PNL Recruitment works diligently to obtain a signed offer letter for you as we work extensively behind the scenes with the candidate throughout the resignation process, including working through potential counter-offers.

Step 14: Quality control follow up.

We will follow up with both the client and candidate at least three (3) times during the first six (6) months after the start date to ensure satisfaction on both sides.

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