Team Lead/Accounting Supervisor

May 31st, 2016

This 2012 CPA/CMA has had a very progressive and impressive track record in her career so far. She brings to the table 7+ years’ experience in accounting – primarily immersed in small to mid-sized service companies and has usually been the Controller or CFO’s right hand or ‘go-to’ person. Hands-on responsibilities include; financial reporting, IFRS, PNL, budgets, forecasting, variance analysis, year-end audit and inventory along with being a super user with a recent system implementation. Ideally looking for growth, mentorship and succession planning – this girl knows how to add value not only technically but personally and would be a healthy addition to a growing and energetic team. She is at a great stage in her career, is up for a new challenge and loves complexity and learning. Compensation expectations are fair to market considering experience/education and the contribution component she can add immediately. Please contact Michael A. Storry @ to set-up a confidential meeting with this potential candidate.

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